About Us

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STrEaM is a 6-8th grade middle school located at Wayland Baptist University. While we lease space from WBU, we are a public school and not otherwise affiliated with Wayland Baptist. STrEaM is a charter school authorized by the Anchorage School District and governed by an Academic Policy Committee (APC). We provide project-based experiential education integrated with a STEM focus. 

Our Mission

Anchorage STrEaM Academy empowers students to be involved learners, critical thinkers and engaged citizens who are inspired by the natural world. 


Our Core Values

Anchorage STrEaM Academy 

  • Provides a quality project based interdisciplinary education based on STEM initiatives;
  • Promotes ecological literacy and stewardship in our students;
  • Connects and engages our community of stakeholders;
  • Fosters place-based education and awareness;
  • Develops an appreciation for experiencing the outdoors and facilitates outdoor education;
  • Incorporates purposeful use of technology.

Our Purpose of the Program

Anchorage STrEaM Academy will support students in developing the skills necessary to meet or exceed national, state and local standards.  Our students will become positive contributing members of society who:

  • have experience partnering with the local community;
  • have built a stong foundation for career readiness;
  • understand the strengths and limitations of techology;
  • realize that learning continues outside the classroom;
  • are defining their role in creating a more sustainable future;
  • recognize the interconnectedness and relevance of all disciplines.

APC Members

Whitney D'Atri, Chair & Founder

Sylvia Biondich, Secretary

Meredith Gutierrez, Community Member

Gayle Boyer, Community Member

Scott Kluever, Founder

Caroline Storm, Parent Rep

Phillipe Janicka, Parent Rep

Megan Gatlin, Teacher Rep



STrEaM Anchorage 501 C3 Board

Whitney D'Atri, President

Scott Kluever, Vice President

Sylvia Biondich, Secretary

Meredith Gutierrez, Treasurer